As architectural photographers Glasgow, we have been specialising in architectural and interior photography for many years, we have a unique understanding of buildings and how to capture them visually.

In order to achieve this we work closely with architects, designers and developers to discuss any particular features or aspects of the project which need to be highlighted. We then do a recce of the building, to determine the best time of day to capture the various elevations or aspects of the building or interior.

Specialist architectural lenses to correct perspectives are used as standard and we are also expert in lighting interiors. After the photography is completed, we spend time individually editing and retouching all our images to remove things such as unwanted pylons, cables and traffic cones.

This degree of attention to detail ensures that you will receive a first-rate collection of images which will capture all aspects of the project in their best light.

“Richard’s photography always beautifully encapsulates our developments, highlighting specifically their quality and design whilst allowing us to showcase them with pride to our clients and the industry in general.”

Sarah Freel,
Business Development Manager,