As commercial photographers Glasgow, we are asked to photograph a wide variety of products from small, and medium sized products which can be photographed in our dedicated studio to products such as vehicles, which need to be shot on location or in a drive in studio.

We have been specialising in product photography for many years and our unique set of skills and experience means we are adept in showing your products in their best light. No two products are ever the same, so we approach each shoot with a fresh perspective, consulting with you over what you’d like to achieve and determining the best type of lighting and backgrounds to use. For specialist products we also work with stylists who can bring an extra dimension to the shoot.

Very often, our work also involves photographing products or staff in a working environment which presents a different set of challenges. We have a great deal of experience in working in environments like this from factories and industrial sites to clean rooms and laboratories, where high quality images suitable for advertising, websites and brochures are required but time and space are often quite restricted.

We always enjoy a challenge so please do feel free to call if you want to chat about your requirements.

“Blink Imaging has worked with the team at Wright Design for many years delivering an excellent, high quality photography service for our diverse range of clients.

Richard and Willie always deliver great value for our clients and are a joy to work with. We look forward to working with them on many more exciting projects this year.”

Alan Wright,
Managing Director,
Alan Wright Design